April 2024 Meetup – Conquer The Numbers

board game

Our next virtual meetup is scheduled for Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 8 am Central via Zoom.

Conquer the Numbers is a game that was created by Bogoy & Nikola Bogdanov in 2020 as a virtual edition of the classic Agile Ball Point Game (the version was spurred on by the Coronavirus pandemic).  The game teaches the importance of learning through experience, as well as how terrible teams are at estimating new and novel tasks (like every new feature they work on!).  Just like empiricism teaches us, we learn best through experiencing the world around us, and this game shows the benefits of doing small sprints followed by retrospectives to improve a team’s ability to “Conquer the Numbers”.  Join us as JEFF MEYER facilitates this fun and engaging simulation.

Download a calendar hold here: April 2024 Meetup

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