DC Deck Builders

Ed showed us how a team with diverse strengths can respond to a gauntlet of challenges. DC Deck Builders teaches collaboration and shifting responses based on character strengths in an unpredictable sequence every time. This game has many similarities with Scrum in that you must defeat all villains before time runs out. While each villain complicates the game in their own way, adding crisis mode throws more impediments which demand teamwork to clear. You’re constantly balancing the growth of your deck according to your strengths, facing the challenges in front of you, and needs of your teammates.

Instructions: Play the first crisis expansion of DC Deck Builders. Requires the base game plus the first expansion of the game called “Crisis Expansion Pack 1”

More on this game here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/125678/dc-comics-deck-building-game

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