Agile Point Game

Today, Marissa facilitated the Agile Point Game which is a virtual rendition of the Agile Ball Point Game.  A template for the game was borrowed from Richard Kasperwoski; the template (with the instructions) can be found here:

Game play was simple as there were minimal rules and instructions.  It consisted of 5 3-minute rounds (1 minute for discussion and 2 minutes for task execution).  At the end of the 1 minute discussion, the team estimated how many points they could score for that round.

During the two minutes of task execution, players were to move post-its from the To Do column to the In Progress column and to the Done column.  When a post-it was in the In Progress column, players had to add their initials to the  post-it.  Post-its could be moved to the Done column but only accepted (and count for a point) if all of the initials were on the card.

We encountered a few technical difficulties during game play but we made it through.  After 3 rounds, Chuck Nielson took us through the Thiagi Debrief method.  (Found here:  In the debrief, we reviewed  how the game made us feel, how we could bring it back to our teams, what we would do differently, etc.  As usual, it was a fun way to start a Thursday morning!

We hope to see you at the next Meetup!

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