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NIELS GOTT was back with us for COZY JUICE REAL that its creators call “a team building experience that kindles¬†fun, authentic and truly connecting¬†interactions”. You can visit their official website here:

Niels opened the session with a tutorial for CJR and how to interact with the Miro-based game board. We then did a check-in to see how we were feeling in terms of Happiness, Connectedness and Trust.

We broke into breakouts of 4 people and jumped into the game! As you move around the game board, you draw cards (dictated by the spot your piece is on) from one of three piles – Cozy, Juice, and Real. Cozy cards have relatively benign questions. Juicy starts to get people to delve a bit deeper. And Real gets, well, real. As the vulnerability goes up, so do the points. Each player also has a number of power-ups, called Spark Cards, that are played to other players and recognize someone for their answer or to challenge them to go deeper with their response. Spark Cards give points to the opponent, but if they aren’t played, they’re subtracted from your point total.

At the conclusion, we repeated our check-in exercise and there was a noticeable improvement in how everyone scored their current states of Happiness, Connectedness and Trust.

Cozy Juice Real was a ton of fun and there was a definite deeper connection between those in the breakouts, even in cases where the participants were meeting for the first time that day. CJR requires a trained facilitator to run, but it was an incredibly fun and effective way to strength the bonds between a group of people.

Official Cozy Juice Real

You can find out more about Niels here:

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