Gartic Phone

David Klaus was our facilitator for Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is a game that takes the game of “telephone”, where you pass on information second hand and see how it changes over time, and adds drawing into the mix! The game is easily run over Zoom or any other virtual meeting platform you use, and can accommodate up to 14 different people so it can be played with entire teams.

This game highlights the importance of having everyone hear the same context, by showing what happens when that information is passed person to person without hearing the original message… both with words and pictures.

Aside from having fun and having lots of laughs, the group discussed lessons we could glean from this game. We talked about:

  • How personal biases and experience will alter the interpretation of a message
  • How familiarity with one another can change the message for someone who may be new to the team or partnering with them without that same context
  • How just receiving a UX mock up might not tell the same story as hearing a customer request
  • … and more!

We played 2 rounds, and you have to see the way each prompt ended up changing to understand just how much one message can change over time!

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