At the AGTC Meetup on Thursday, 9/14, Tim Nolan and Marissa Fogal facilitated an online version of Battleships.

Battleships is a short and simple game with valuable takeaways. Through game play, players discovered the value of immediate feedback and the potential outcomes of delayed feedback (or no feedback).

As facilitator of the game, you can play online or download the Excel template. (Instructions for using the Excel template are contained in the workbook). In the first round, the facilitator asks players to call out coordinates on the grid. As coordinates are called out, the facilitator will click on the corresponding cell to show that a cannon was shot at it. Players will have 30 opportunities (and 5 minutes) to call out coordinates. When all 30 cannons have been shot (or time has run out) click on “Confirm Shots” to reveal how well the players did. Did they sink any battleships or get any hits?

For the second round, players will again have 30 opportunities (and 5 minutes) to guess coordinates. The difference in this round is that as the facilitator clicks on the cell, it will turn a specific color to show if there was a hit or a miss and it will highlight when a battleship has been sunk. The round ends when all 30 cannons have been fired (or time runs out). Clicking on the “Compare” button will provide an opportunity to compare the results of round 1 and round 2. What happened between the 2 rounds? Was one of the rounds more enjoyable than the other? Why or why not? What have you observed in your current workplace?

We hope you enjoy this quick and simple game!

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Play Battleships: Online | Excel

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