Agile Decision Games

NICK YINGLING was our guest for our November 9th AGTC Meetup, sharing AGILE DECISION GAMES.

Agile Decision Games are a type of experiential learning activity that uses storytelling and role-playing to help teams make better decisions. They are designed to create a safe space for discussion and debate, and they can be used to teach a variety of Agile principles and practices.

In a typical Agile Decision Game, participants are given a scenario in which they imagine themselves as a protagonist who must make a decision.  The game facilitator then leads the participants through a discussion of the scenario, asking them to consider the different factors involved and the potential consequences of their decision. The goal of the game is to help participants develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to make sound decisions under pressure.

Nick’s facilitation of these scenarios led to a lot of lively discussion – with participants frequently coming up with many different possible solutions to the situations presented. It was a great way to share diverse perspectives and consider different approaches to solving the same challenge.

For more scenarios and accompanying facilitator notes, Nick publishes a new Agile Decision Game on LinkedIn every Wednesday. Please engage in the comments with your decisions! 

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