Octigo’s Agile Game

Chuck led the group through a journey of working with Kanban boards, prioritizing backlogs and utilizing WiP limits by playing Octigo. Octigo is an online Agile Simulation created by Octigo of Poland


  • Player tries to move work items across the board from the Backlog to ‘Done’
  • Work items have a time cost and dollar value on the card
  • Resources may be moved from column to column and sometimes are removed from play
  • There are two rounds, each lasts 3-6 minutes depending on speed setting
  • It is good to do a retrospective between each round to discuss what went well, not so well, and what strategies players might try in the second round.  For example, players usually discover that thing really slow down when there is more than one item per worker in a column (WiP Limit).
  • After Round 2, hold another retrospective to discuss Agile principles at play.  What did they learn? How does this apply to the real world?  What changes would they make to the game if they could?

More here: https://agilegame.octigo.pl/

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