WIP Limits – The WIP Game (TWiG)

Paul led the group through playing TWiG – The WIP Game. TWiG has the player focus on their WIP, or Work In Progress. By manipulating different WIP limits on each of the kanban board columns and determining where to allocate workers, the player strives to reduce cycle time and deliver the most value for their product.

Using a Miro template of his own creation, Paul walked us through several scenarios and explained how he uses the game as a teaching tool to illustrate how lower WIP limits can be an “enabling constraint” and actually lead to faster delivery and higher flow of value.

After playing through a round of the game, TWiG generates analytics that we explored to see the impact of our decisions. Overall, this is a very easy game to run and can provide a multitude of talking points when working with a team.

TWiG was created by Actionable Agile and can be found online here.

Materials from the session:

Importable Miro Template: RTB

Recording of the session:

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