February 2022 Meetup – Fear in the Workplace

board game

Our next virtual meetup is scheduled for Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 8 am Central via Zoom.

Have you noticed lately that something is off with your team’s dynamic? Disengagement, unproductive conflicts, siloed work, can all be symptoms of fear in your group. Bring in the powertools –  FEAR IN THE WORKPLACE game is a coaching tool that makes it safe to talk about the “elephant in the room”, and do it in a fun, non-threatening way. 

Starting with a set of predefined scenarios, the group attempts to pick a Fear (or Fear Symptom) card that can be a triggering force for the scenario at hand. As the group continues exploring different perspectives, deep insights and empathy emerge as a result. Curious to learn more? Join DANA PYLAYEVA, Agile Leadership Coach, CEC and this game’s creator to experience a Mural version of this game. 

Bonus feature: you will get to play with a Safety in the Workplace extension as well! This collection of safety-enhancers brings together practices from Dana’s own coaching toolbox as well as ideas from Amy Edmondson’s “Fearless organizations”, ORSC and Liberating Structures. 

Download a calendar hold here: February 2022 Meetup

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