Story Cubes

Marissa and Noah brought Story Cubes to this month’s AGTC meetup.

At today’s session, we took a look at Story Cubes and explored various ways we could potentially use them with our teams.  Whether it’s an ice breaker, a team activity, retrospectives, user stories, or even sketchnoting, the possibilities are endless!  Story Cubes are great for unlocking your creative potential.   One simple image can represent many different things for several people.  It’s important that teams converse about what user stories mean to them (and come to a shared understanding of the item). 

If you weren’t able to attend, no worries!  We’ve included a PDF of various activities that you could facilitate with your teams.  We chose to use a Miro board to aid in our facilitation today but perhaps you choose to use multiple cameras (for a distributed team) or use the story cubes in person.  Whichever way you choose to facilitate, we hope your team enjoys some laughter and good conversation!

Download Marissa and Noah’s materials: PDF.

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